Chris Christie’s ”Bridgegate”: Political Dirty Trick, or a Crime?

christieIn September, New Jersey governor Chris Christie ordered two of the lanes leading through Fort Lee to the George Washington Bridge (a link between NJ and NY) closed, in retaliation for that city’s mayor not supporting his re-election bid.

Or maybe this was a routine closing, which does happen (though almost always after the affected city’s government is notified, so preparations can be made, which didn’t happen in this case).

Or maybe one of the governor’s aides took this step on his behalf, on his own, without consulting the governor.

In any case, chaos did ensue, the chain of responsibility seems to be moving closer to Christie, and the traffic jams were apparently responsible for the death of a woman who suffered cardiac arrest. The full story is here.

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  1. Now that Christie has fired his top aide, the question of whether he was personally responsible, absent additional evidence, will no doubt become a political issue: his detractors will always believe he gave the order, and his supporters will consider the matter closed.

  2. Whether he like Harry S Truman has a sign with “The buck stops here” or not the buck DOES stop at him,

  3. It seems to me that you really need a much shorter chain of causality for it to really be “manslaughter”. There may be a MORAL responsibility for the death here, but I have trouble believing that you can make a solid case for a LEGAL responsibility.

  4. I actually kinda like Christie, dating back to when he worked openly with Obama on Sandy relief. Buuuuttttt… if the Repub’s are going to say Obama sicced the IRS on the Tea Party, and hold Obama responsible every time crashes, then Christie can’t dodge the actions of people who reported DIRECTLY to him.

  5. p.s. If Christie is responsible for a death caused by the slowdown, who’s responsible for all the deaths caused when the traffic moves full speed? Sorry, this just doesn’t make any sense.

  6. Rachel Maddow makes a very strong case for a much more likely motive.

  7. So many Chris Christie sycophants… so little objectivity

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