Beheadings, Bare Breasts, and Facebook [NSFW]

It took just over an hour for Facebook to take this down, not allowing me back into my account until I’d read a lecture about their Terms of Service… (click graphic to view the original post in full size)


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  1. Interesting phrasng, “…something your page posted”. Already depersonalizing it.

  2. how did they find it so fast?

    • The software for the “naked people finder” project has been around for years now. The only question is whether or not Facebook actually pays somebody to review what the software flags, or just hit with an automated response.

    • #1 Most Wanted Job in America.

      • My company has people whose job is to review the websites flagged by the child porn classifiers. I’ve always thought that would be the worst job in the world to have.

      • Winter – I would have to wonder about those who would volunteer for that job. If the pay is substantially more, ok, I get it for those with elephant-like thick skins, but otherwise, that leaves the total idealists hoping to clean up the world and the really scary others. I know somebody who did undercover work in child porn. He lasted less than 3 months and still has nightmares years later.

  3. Lola, you can write automatic machine learned classifiers that can make a pretty good guess as to whether an image has “adult content.” They probably run them automatically over all pages, and send anything suspicious to a human to check.

  4. About 160 people viewed it in that first hour. Of those,one put it on his or her “ignore” list, or whatever Facebook calls it. Possibly that raises a red flag, or possibly that person filed a complaint.

    Or if we want to get paranoid, maybe Facebook red flags any post that has the word Facebook in it.

    In any case, they very politely proved my point.

  5. I wish this country would get out of adolescence when it comes to the human body.

    • Fat chance. Most of the USA thinks shooting people is preferable to seeing a bare tit.

  6. Facebook’s stance against nudity is simply a strategic necessity. If they let in “some” (or even “artistic”) nude photos, it would be impossible to define the dividing line, and it would all start sinking down to the level of 4chan. On the other hand, terrorists to publicize graphic violence is absolutely insane. Calling attention to this insanity is a valuable service.

    • Nah. The problem is that Facebook wants minors amongst its user base, which means either accurately filtering adult content from non-adults, or just banning it completely, and, well… one of those things is cheaper than the other.

      • The trouble is that it’s not clear what it means to “accurately [filter] adult content.” If you have a hard and fast rule, like “a naked female breast that’s not currently feeding a baby” is “adult content,” then usually everyone will agree with what falls under the rule. They might think that the rule is stupid, but in most cases it will be clear what falls under it. If the adult rule involves something complicated or vague, like “appeals to prurient interest,” or “includes sexual content,” then each time Facebook blocks a picture it will be difficult for them to defend their decision, because users will say “I wasn’t appealing to any prurient interest, and picture Y, which you allowed, is more prurient anyway.” It’s better for Facebook to have a rule with a sharp dividing line that makes wrong decision than a fuzzy rule.

        Or, in other words, what Kilby said.

  7. There’s no difference really between decapitated bodies and women not wearing shirts … They’re both topless.

    (Yes, I know about the book about the New York Post.)

  8. I have to mention this: I was in the car with my wife when that murder hit the news and I told her “The only question is whether the News or the Post will go with ‘Headless Body in Topless Bar'”

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